The Service Engineer is Now in Beta Testing.

The Service Engineer, Milestone 1.

Its been a while coming well a few months of coding but I have now decided to move the app into beta teThe Service Engineer s7-engineer The Service Engineer is Now in Beta Testing.   sting since its fairly rock solid.

The latest release which was released today has updated various screen designs so the settings screens now look how they should with the missing back buttons now in place.  The icons have also been added making the screens have that professional feel how they should.

The info screen has been updated and removed some information about the app since people can visit this site for more information about the app.

The cloud had some amendments to the code to allow engineers notes to include unicode characters or as you may know them emoji characters such as faces, or characters, etc.  These will now sync correctly across the cloud so other engineers with other devices will see what you see, character for character this will also allow foreign character sets so perfect for a multilingual app.  Yes were going bilingual !

There are various other minor additions to the code, layout and database which all help to update the app towards completion.

Feel free to pass the domain to fellow engineers so they can also download and help test the app and report any bugs or suggest any improvements.