Wanted ! Field Service Engineers – CCTV, Intruder, Fire, Barriers, Gates, Warden / Nurse Call and more.

We have released a beta version of the service engineer app the app is designed for all fields of service roles.  The app is being developed so it can easily be adapted for any field based service role where the engineer requires access to manuals, technical support, storing of images with attached notes and collaboration from other engineers in the same group via the cloud.

The Service Engineer phones-1 Welcome to The Service Engineer app website for all Field Engineers. welcome start Service engineer app android

The current version being developed is aimed towards Warden / Nurse Call Systems but there is nothing stopping a version for CCTV, Intruder, Fire, Gates, Barriers or any other service product being released since the code is designed as a backbone to be built upon.

If you would wish to see one of the suggested apps or perhaps you work in another industry other than security then get in touch and perhaps an app can be released to match your service product range such as washing machines, TV repair, hydraulics, cars and more, the list is endless.  All of the family of apps will of course have access to the cloud and allow collaboration between engineers, clients.