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Service Engineering isn’t plain sailing…

As you may be aware Service Engineers who work within a service department or company environment are tasked with completing jobs that requires working on unfamiliar products.

Over the years you learn more and become more confident with working on unfamiliar systems and work your way through and fix the issues.  Service Engineers store this information for when they return to the same site or the same product line they also take an odd photo or create their own instructions on a fix they found.

As many engineers create their own book of tit bits and the odd mobile phone picture it became evident that an app could maintain this cataloging of information easier than scraps of paper or notes in different pages or different books.

Imagine returning to a site a year after you fixed it and trying to locate an image within folder of a hundred holiday photos on your mobile phone.  It’s a daunting task but that pic could be the difference between a simple fix or starting all over again and trying to remember what you did on the last visit and why did you take the photo in the first place?

The Service Engineer device-2016-12-20-072052-205x300 Service Engineers here's an App for you. Service engineer app android alpha

Example screenshot of the Service Engineer App

Make a Service Engineers life simple….

The Service Engineer app is written to allow different product versions to be added to the app family range such as CCTV, Fire, Intruder and any other service engineer products, we welcome any suggestions.

First of all the app can be made fully secure with a password prior to starting the app or simply protect an engineer section of the app.

To setup the app the engineer simply selects the products they work on from the tab icon list in turn and then select the manuals, images and presentation book icons and import the various files that the service engineer has located on the device.  Once all the files have been imported into the app the engineer is good to go.

Now the app is loaded the engineer can select the product from the tab icons at the top of the page and select manuals, images, camera or presentation that the engineer requires information for and load up the relevant information.

The camera option allows the engineer to take an image of the product wiring prior to modification or replacement of the product and if any issues occur the engineer can return to the image and see what wire goes where.  The app also allows up to 60x pinch and zoom to see more detail if required.  Images can have notes attached to them which is stored with the image so if and when the engineer returns to this site the image can be easily viewed, with collaboration the image and notes can be shared in real time.

If the service engineer is having difficulties on how a product works then a simple click on the manual icon and all the manuals the engineer has for this particular product can be selected and viewed instantly.  The engineer has instant access to as many manuals as they can add with a zoom option for seeing more detail on the manual when viewing images such as wiring diagrams.

The manuals can be viewed using the inbuilt viewer or an external viewer can be selected to be used if the manual is over a certain size or all manuals can be viewed using the selected manual viewer, we like to cater for all tastes.

Presentations are cataloged but viewed using an external viewer.  We haven’t added an inbuilt viewer as these types of documents are not used very often.

Why not add Service Engineer Collaboration…

We hate to say it but we added engineer collaboration..

Engineers can share engineer notes, images and manuals with all engineers within the group in real time with an options for a technical support team to also be able to send manuals, notes and images to one or all engineers within the group all accessible via a web interface.

The Service Engineer device-2016-12-20-072052-205x300 Service Engineers here's an App for you. Service engineer app android alpha   The Service Engineer product_icon-208x300 Service Engineers here's an App for you. Service engineer app android alpha

The Service Engineer networking manuals.

Groups can be created that allow engineers to visit a cloud dedicated to the included engineers within the group, its fully protected and not visible to non group users so anyone trying to hack into the group would not have access to even know the group exists what alone the access information its locked down pretty well.

Data Protection on the cloud…

Remember the cloud is not to be used for sharing confidential information it is a cloud built for sharing engineer technical information the information is yours and any issues with data protection remain the issue of the users of the cloud.

If your not on the cloud then your notes are not backed up!  Older versions of android do have the option within the app to backup the data but not in later releases of android, this issue will be addressed at some point and the software updated.

Remember we take no responsibility for the backing up of your information within the app, as its in Alpha testing changes to the database can clean out the data so we try not to amend the database if we can help it, its pretty much sorted so we don’t expect to be doing anything with the database.

So where is the app and where can you find it?

The app is currently on Alpha testing and ready for your device, its designed for Android only since engineers wouldn’t be taking Apple devices to site due to the cost of an android device should it be lost or stolen.

Sign up and register and we will post you the link to try out the alpha version of the Service Engineer App.

Remember the app is in testing so we welcome any questions or comments, we also welcome other engineers who would like to see other versions of the app not just warden call such as CCTV, Fire, Intruder, etc.

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4 thoughts on “Service Engineers here’s an App for you.

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          Metro Post author

          Hi Neil,

          This is the link, should be a new version going live within 20 mins,

          Just uploading a new build to import files, better multi threading.. so faster imports, few bug fixes, better layout… etc.

          To set up the app simply follow the steps..

          Create a folder on sd card, called something like engineer manuals then put your manuals inside of their own folders as below..

          /engineer manuals/product1
          /engineer manuals/product2


          Now go to a product and click the + add button to import one pdf or a folder of pdf’s which correspond with the product selected, wait a few seconds depending on tablet speed and manuals will be added.

          Click a manual to test and good to go..

          Images work the same way.

          Kind regards