Service Engineer Collaboration made simple!

The Service Engineer App has collaboration built in…

So why did I build a service engineer app and include engineer collaboration, the answer is simple.

Remember an engineer is only as good as the knowledge, experience and information they have, take all of these skills away or even one of them and what engineer do you really have ?

Here is my reasoning for developing this app,

An engineer who has worked on a particular product line will have knowledge, experience and information perhaps in the form of notes, manuals and images.

The same engineer when given a task to fix a product that they are not so product aware of will struggle and possibly phone a fellow engineer who is more product aware.  Phoning other colleagues is not proactive and takes time so now you have two engineers talking about the issue, perhaps they call someone else its like a snowball effect, you can see where that line of inquiry is going…

Calling fellow engineers all takes time and who really learns from being told press this, press that and reboot, etc.  The only way to learn is by gaining the knowledge of fixing the problem yourself, this also builds self confidence in working on unfamiliar products.

Scenario – Engineer stuck on site and has limited knowledge or information about the product.

One engineer attends site who has not seen the product before, the engineer tries to look confident and spends an hour on the phone.  The staff notice the long phone calls and his gives them the opinion that the engineer has no clue what the product does or how to fix it. The engineer bumbles around looking at this and looking at that then make their apologies and says they requires parts but will return at a later date.  As the engineer knows this is not going to be a simple fix they will probably put this job on the bottom of the pile and return in a longer than necessary time period or even try to get the job passed to a more experienced engineer.

What if he had access to information and knowledge.

The Service Engineer product_icon-e1482873259240 Service Engineer Collaboration made simple!

The Service Engineer networking manuals.

The same engineer attends site and notices that the product that they going to investigate is on the product list from the Service Engineer App they engineer scrolls though to the product icon and goes straight into the manual section.  Once the engineer has loaded this section they can access all the various manuals and self wrote documents they attained previous when syncing with the cloud.  The engineer views the manuals section and then checks the other parts of the app.  The engineer looks in the images section viewing synced images from other engineers and then goes into the engineer notes section.  A colleague has shared notes about fixing the same issue that the site is experiencing, 15 minutes later the engineer is packing up and onto the next job.

This was a confidence boost for the engineer who will be more confident and will not try to hide when they are requested to attend the same site next time.  They will feel confident in returning to site and the staff onsite will believe this engineer is a keeper as he knows what he is doing unlike the other engineer that spent an hour on the phone talking to various people looking for a fix.

The Collaboration Cloud is Online

The cloud is being alpha tested currently but anyone is welcome to request a group account and simply add clients to the group.

Simply get in touch and I will set you up in your own cloud,



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