Field Service Engineer – Update details 2nd Jan 2017

Warden Call updates 2nd January 2017

After rushing to get the new domain ( ) and cloud online some issues were over looked within the app, now the cloud has been updated the app also required some amendments to be fully compatible.

There are a couple of minor issues still to resolve but the app and the cloud are fully working and syncing with the four or five devices that i use while programming the cloud and the app.  The cloud is fully secure so files cannot be viewed or downloaded without having a valid group account to access the cloud.

The Service Engineer cloud_computing-1 Field Service Engineer - Update details 2nd Jan 2017 Service news new field engineer

At the present time i have chosen to to allow a public group as i believe general public may post any rubbish onto a public cloud and who would want that?

There may be a cloud created for website members which would make sense as you would of taken the time to register an account online but who knows what might be added into the app next.

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