CCTV, Intruder, Fire and all Field Service Engineers look what’s next !

So the question is whats next, what feature or additions to the Service Engineer App family?The Service Engineer caretaker_icon CCTV, Intruder, Fire and all Field Service Engineers look what's next ! Service new industry ideals engineer

The question of what is next is simple enough to answer, really any feature requested can be incorporated into the App its still in its infancy and lots can be built within the app as its user base continues to grow.

As the online side of the cloud is still under development as features get added to the app so the cloud can be developed further to incorporate any features that maybe added to the core service engineer App.

Perhaps the Service Engineer industry that you work in could do with a version of this App, its simple enough to create a version of the App for use in any industry.  The app would also have its own secure cloud designed for your working environment all 100% secure with numerous protection methods.

I’m currently looking at various industries such as CCTV, FIRE SYSTEMS, SPRINKLER SYSTEMS, INTRUDER SYSTEMS, ELECTRONIC GATES AND DOORS and any industry within security industry.  I have further ideals of other industries such as WASHING MACHINE, TV REPAIR and any industry that uses an Engineer type employee to fix products that would benefit from an App of this nature, there is no other App i am aware of that does what this engineer app does either with or without a cloud.

Although the app is very young it is fully functional with working access to the cloud, available from googleplay alpha page.

I welcome any suggestions from any field based business, group of engineers or even just a one man band all are welcome to help make this app the best in its field.


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