Warden Call – Suggestions & Improvements

Submit your suggestions and improvements for the Service Engineer app.

Cant find your manuals ? What about making it even easier.

Service Manuals, Can’t find the engineering manual or even the file ? Its never simple trying to locate that one file that can help you fix an issue, even with a text description it can be difficult and can take numerous amounts of scrolling in different sections. So what about the […]

Who said Icons ? We added them !

Icons, Icons, Icons… We now have icons! So what makes an app even easier to use? I believe this the Engineer App should have a layout that makes it easy to locate the valuable information it contains, i always use the app and sometimes i struggled to locate a particular manual.  So […]

Do Engineers use Video’s ? Well…..

Video’s, do Service Engineers use them? The simple answer is YES, any medium that an engineer can use is a bonus a video is like a picture or a manual it can tell the engineer exactly what to do any why.  A video can say a million words in only seconds […]

Improvements are Coming !!! So what improvements…

After some hard work some issues have been resolved, finally i hear ! The side swiping of the manual was not working correctly, this has now been resolved and working perfectly settings will be added to change pages like a book as in swipe side ways to turn the page […]

CCTV, Intruder, Fire and all Field Service Engineers look what’s next !

So the question is whats next, what feature or additions to the Service Engineer App family? The question of what is next is simple enough to answer, really any feature requested can be incorporated into the App its still in its infancy and lots can be built within the app […]